6/1/18 Art Analysis; by Vinnie DiClementi

5/1/18 Still Life; by Celeste Acosta

5/1/18 T-Shirt Design Contest; by Celeste Acosta

4/1/18 AP Silver Spoons; by Vinnie DiClementi

3/1/18 AP Art Analysis; by Vinnie DiClementi

2/1/18 AP Art; by Celeste Acosta

1/1/18 AP What's Going on in the Art World?; by Alyssa Schofield

12/1/17 Art; by Shawn Lipsey

11/1/17 AP Art Profiles; by Kyle Scott

10/1/17 NCHS Artists Participate and Place at Sandwich Fair; by Alyssa Schofield

9/1/17 What's New With Art?; by Remington Kempiak and Alyssa Schofield


5/1/17 Art Profile; by Kyle Scott

4/1/17 2017 Art Expo; by Jeremy Van Heiden

3/1/17 Advanced Studio; by Kyle Scott

2/1/17 Animal Ceramic Projects; by Kyle Scott

1/1/17 JJC Art Show by; Kyle Scott

12/1/16 Meerkat Wins It All; by Remington Kempiak

11/1/16 Art Recognitions; by Kyle Scott

10/1/16 Art; by Remington Kempiak


6/1/16 Mad Libs Comic; by Neal Smith

4/1/16 It's a Strange World; by Neal Smith

2/1/16 Art; by Remington Kempiak

1/1/16 New Year and New Classes; by Grace Gerken

12/1/15 Art; by Remington Kempiak

11/1/15 November Art; by Kelsea Zitt

10/1/15 Web Design is Art, Art at the Fair; by Kyle Christian

9/1/15 A Nice ARTicle; by Kyle Christian


4/1/15 Introduction to the Arts Field Trip; by Marty Schiltz

3/1/15 Mr. Blidy's Painting Class; by Marty Schiltz

2/1/15 Advanced Studio Lineup; by Marty Schiltz

1/1/15 The Magic of the Wheel; by Marty Schiltz

12/1/14 From Mr. Blidy; by Matt Eike

11/1/14 This Month in Art; by Marty Schiltz

10/1/14 Fairest Art of the NCHS; by Matt Eike and Ben Rogers

9/1/14 State of the Art; by Matt Eike and Ben Rogers


6/1/14 Believe, Create, Achieve; by Kaylyn Shankle

5/1/14 From School to School; by Anthony Poplawski

4/1/14 Town & Country Art Show; by Anthony Poplawski

3/1/14 Art Gallery; by Anthony Poplawski

2/1/14 Advanced Studio Art News; by Anthony Poplawski

1/1/14 Calendars Made Simple; by Anthony Poplawski

11/1/13 Drawing Class Art Gallery; by Anthony Poplawski

10/1/13 Drawing your way to First!; by Anthony Poplawski

9/1/13 America the Beautiful; by Kaylyn Shankle


6/1/13 Painting Gallery; by Ricky Spohnholtz

5/1/13 Art News; by Megan Kaufman

4/1/13 Art Thanks; by Megan Kaufman

3/1/13 "Varsity Art"; by Megan Kaufman

1/1/13 2012 JJC Art Exhibition; by Zac Nichols

12/1/12 NCHS Website Layout Update; by Zac Nichols

11/1/12 Winning Entries; by Zac Nichols

10/1/12 Thanks to Karyssa; by Zac Nichols

9/1/12 State Drawing; by Zac Nichols


6/1/12 Newark News; Kendall County Record

6/1/12 Zac Nichols' Button Design Wins Contest; Kendall County Record

6/1/12 Shine Like the Stars; by Ann Steffens

5/1/12 Advanced Studio Art Show; by Ann Steffens

4/1/12 Accomplishments and Challenges; by Ann Steffens

3/1/12 Painting Class Adventures; by Ann Steffens

2/12/12 Instructor Reflects on Art Classes; by Ann Steffens

11/11/11 NCHS Art Department; by Brendon Schmidt

10/11/11 Art; by Taylor Schomer

9/11/11 NCHS Art Dept Featured in National Publication


3/11/11 Mobile Devices in the Classroom; by Chris Murawski and Cori Elizalde

3/11/11 Feb 2011 Art Awards; by Natalie Toftoy

2/11/11 Student Art Gallery

12/10/10 Feb 2011 Art Show; by Clint Strukel

11/10/10 A Tribute to the Artists; by Lucas Harris

11/10 Artwork for the Fall Play

10/10/10 Art Competition; by Harrison Warpinski

10/10 NCHS on iPhone; by Harrison Warpinski


6/1/10 Newark Flag & 175th Birthday Button

5/1/10 Kendall County 41st Annual Town & Country
Amateur Art Show

3/1/10 Calendars Made Simple

3/1/10 Counselor Web Page Gets A Facelift!

2/1/10 Kendall County Forest Preserve District Art Show

12/1/09 Mr. Blidy's Design Class

11/09 Artwork for the Fall Play

11/1/09 Crucible Creations


4/1/09 April Art

3/1/09 Congratulations!

2/1/09 Newark Art Show

1/1/09 We're On the Right Track

12/1/08 NCHS Presents at State Tech Conference

11/08 NCHS Presents I Never Saw Another Butterfly

11/1/08 Artwork for the Fall Play

10/1/08 Art Update


6/1/08 Newark Mural Dedication

5/1/08 A Legacy in the Making

5/1/08 Computer Graphics Video Conference

3/1/08 Art Invitational

2/08 High School Invitational

2/1/08 What's New With Art

11/1/07 NCHS Staff Presents at State Conference

11/1/07 Gallery Banner Contest Winner

10/1/07 Art Awards; Sandwich Fair

9/1/07 Another Mural!

9/1/07 Dare Day Posters


6/1/07 Mural Opening; by Maryjane Schiltz

6/1/07 D.A.R.E. Day Service Learning Project

6/1/07 D.A.R.E. Day Poster; by Mary Brandon

5/1/07 Mural Update; by Maryjane Schiltz

4/1/07 Focusing On Our Values; Newark Community Mural; by Maryjane Schiltz

4/1/07 Eric Smith Enters JJC Web Design Contest; by Tim lleshi

3/1/07 "Mount Rushmore" Comes to Newark; by Jackie Anderson

3/1/07 2007 Kendall County H.S. Invitational; by Mary Brandon

2/1/07 2007 High School Invitational Awards

2/1/07 2007 Kendall County High School Invitational

2/1/07 "Art Show-Poetry Writing" Cross-Curricular Project; by Sami Akre

2/1/07 Multimedia Class Conducts Video Conference; by Kelli Larson

11/1/06 Joliet Junior College Area High School Juried Exhibition

10/1/06 Mary Brandon Wins At Morris Corn Festival; Morris Daily Herald Web Site

10/1/06 Sandwich Fair Art Awards; by Jake Hagy

9/1/06 Gallery Banner Design Contest Winners; by Jake Hagy


5/1/06 Advanced Studio Art Opening Web Page

5/1/06 Dare Day Poster Contest Winners Announced; by Stephanie Warpinski

5/1/06 Upcoming Events in the Art Department; by Jenna Pallecone & Rachel Sleezer

4/1/06 Town and Country Art Show Winners

4/1/06 Exploring the World of Multimedia; by Jenna Pallecone & Rachel Sleezer

3/1/06 Kendall County High School Invitational; by Jenna Pallecone

2/1/06 Kendall County High School Invitational Web Page

2/1/06 Ceramics Happenings; by Stephanie Warpinski

12/1/05 Emily Places First in State Juried Exhibit; by Stephanie Warpinski

12/1/05 Art Department Update; by Lucas Hanson

11/1/05 Emma Wins Big in Big Rock Plow Match; by Stephanie Warpinski

10/1/05 Gallery Banner Design Contest Winners; by Andrew Kellogg

10/1/05 Sandwich Fair Art Entries; by Stephanie Warpinski

9/1/05 Dare Day Service Learning Art Project; by Stephanie Warpinski


5/1/05 Town and Country Art Show

1/1/05 Mr. Blidy's Classes

12/1/04 Mr. Blidy's Drawing Class


5/1/04 Art Student Wins 4th of July Button Contest

1/1/04 Art Student Wins Scholarship

1/1/04 Blurbs from the Art Department


9/1/02 More Talented than Ever


11/1/00 State Art Show

2/1/01 First Advanced Studio Show


5/1/00 Town and Country Art Show Awards

2/1/00 Artwork Displayed at Post Office

1/1/00 Computer Graphics Awards