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RSS: A Convenient Way to Access NCHS News
In an effort to provide you with easier access to Newark High School News updates, we now offer RSS (Really Simple Syndication) News feeds.

What is RSS?
RSS brings automatically updated content straight to your computer. With RSS feeds, you can quickly and easily monitor your favorite web pages for new content, without having to check each site individually.

When you "subscribe" to NCHS News feeds using a "feed reader", you will see a regularly updated list of the latest web site additions on a single web page.
View examples: myAOL, myMSN.

How Do I Use RSS?
First, you'll need an RSS reader. There are a wide variety of RSS readers available on the Internet, many of which you are already set up to use. Some are web-based so you don't need to download anything or do much to set it up. Other readers require you to install a software program on your computer. You only need one RSS reader to access the Newark website in this way.

Sample Web-Based RSS Readers:
MyMSN (free)
MyYahoo! (free)
Bloglines (free)
MyAOL (free)
Google Reader (free)

Sample Installed RSS Readers:
FeedReader (free)

Okay, I've got an RSS reader. Now what?
Now you can start adding your RSS feeds. Many Web sites offer RSS feeds, so simply look for an RSS link. To subscribe, click on the RSS icon and follow the on-screen directions, or copy the URL (Web address) of the feed you want and paste it into your reader. The reader will begin to display the feed.